OCI DB System Architecture….

Oracle OCI DB System provides you the ability to deploy Oracle Databases in the cloud. With Oracle Cloud you have full access to the features and operations available with Oracle Database, and Oracle provides the computing power, physical storage and (optionally) tooling to simplify routine database maintenance and management operations.

When you create database deployments, OCI DB System creates compute nodes to host the database, using computing and storage resources provided by Oracle Compute Cloud Service. Additionally, it provides access to the compute nodes (and thus to the database) using networking resources provided by Oracle Compute Cloud Service.

Oracle OCI DB System includes Oracle Database and supporting software.

  • An Oracle database is created by using values you provide when creating the database deployment, and the database is started.
  • Additionally, you can direct OCI DB System to set up automatic backups.
  • Finally, the deployment includes cloud tooling that simplifies backup, recovery, patching, and upgrade operations.