Create Table Creating Dirty Buffers….

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I always thought that the creation of table is a mere data dictionary update. I mean to say that the data dictionary , dba_tables, OBJ$ and other similar ones would get updated when we create a table. The logic was that its just a definition so where else it would be going? Its correct too […]

A New Learning, IMU & Private Redo Strand….

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There are very few things that I know but there are tons of things which I don’t know. I came across one more such thing like this few days ago when this question (  came over OTN. Interestingly, what the OP mentioned was indeed true and I was not having a clue what’s going on. Like […]

Want To Be A Good DBA?

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Lot of times this question is asked that how one can be a good dba( I am looking forward to become one myself) and the answers are standard only like, train yourself constantly, look for new technologies and test/play with them, document your stuff, be proactive and so on. The answers  depend upon from person […]