Unable To Prepare Context: Docker File Error….

I am trying to get my hands wet with Docker. To create a new docker build, I was creating docker file. But while running the Docker Build command, I got the following error, Now, since I am learning this stuff, the error seemed like something really terribly had gone wrong. Search over Google mentioned couple … [Read more…]

Different Network Types In Exadata….

I am teaching an Exadata class this week. One of the questions that does come often in the class is to explain different network types available in Exadata. So here they are. Admin Network Admin network was earlier called Management work. This is used basically to manage all the compute nodes, cell nodes and also … [Read more…]

EM Express & Flash Plugin….

Today I was asked to look into a machine where EM Express for 12cR2 wasn’t working. When I tried to run EME, I got the error, Alternate HTML content should be placed here. This content requires the Adobe Flash Player. Get Flash I did have YUM in that machine installed. So I first tried with … [Read more…]

Oracle Machine Learning – Workspace & Projects….

In the Oracle Machine Learning environment, UI given to the data scientists, analysts is SQL Notebooks. Though SQL Notebooks are available to be shared among different users, there needs a requirement to organize them as well. For this purpose, OML has Workspaces and Projects. Let’s have a look at both in this post. Project A … [Read more…]

High, Low, Medium Services In Autonomous Database….

While teaching the course of Using Oracle Machine Learning with Autonomous Database, I got the question from a participant that what are these services High, Medium and Low that we are using while connecting to the autonomous database. So here is a quick answer of that. When you are working with Autonomous Database and you … [Read more…]