EM Express & Flash Plugin….

Today I was asked to look into a machine where EM Express for 12cR2 wasn’t working. When I tried to run EME, I got the error, Alternate HTML content should be placed here. This content requires the Adobe Flash Player. Get Flash I did have YUM in that machine installed. So I first tried with … [Read more…]

Oracle Machine Learning – Workspace & Projects….

In the Oracle Machine Learning environment, UI given to the data scientists, analysts is SQL Notebooks. Though SQL Notebooks are available to be shared among different users, there needs a requirement to organize them as well. For this purpose, OML has Workspaces and Projects. Let’s have a look at both in this post. Project A … [Read more…]

High, Low, Medium Services In Autonomous Database….

While teaching the course of Using Oracle Machine Learning with Autonomous Database, I got the question from a participant that what are these services High, Medium and Low that we are using while connecting to the autonomous database. So here is a quick answer of that. When you are working with Autonomous Database and you … [Read more…]