Failed To Load Selinux Policy, Freezing[Solved]….

Today morning, one of my VM’s didn’t start. I did wait for some time. When the system didn’t start again, I pressed Escape key to see this message.

This was OEL7.9 running BIP , Weblogic 12.2 and database 12.2.

Well, it seems that somewhere I had messed up the settings of Selinux. To overcome this, we need to change the file settings of the same but for that, we needed the system to start. To do so, I restarted the system. At the time of the start, we need to come to the boot menu. In the boot menu, select Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel and press “e” to edit it.

In the “editor” , enter SELINUX=0 under the section of Linux16. This allows the system to bypass the setting of SELINUX and finally system, can restart.

Press Ctrl-x to restart the system and system will restart.

Hope that helps.