Database as a Service: Features and Tooling….

A database deployment includes the following features and tools:

  • Simple provisioning: The Create OCI DB System Instance wizard is used to create a new database deployment.
  • Patch application: Available patches are displayed through the OCI DB System console and can be applied with a single click. Patch application tool is provided, and the DBA can decide when to patch.
  • Automated backups: Automatic backups can be set up. Cloud tooling provides for simplified backup and recovery operations with database backup service.
  • Supported languages: OCI DB System supports several languages. Some of them are listed in the slide. Languages may have a dependency on Oracle Database version.
  • Advanced Security: Comprehensive security, including encryption of data at rest and data in transit, is available.
  • Local and Remote Management: Enterprise Manager Database Control for Oracle Database 11g databases , Enterprise Manager Database Express for Oracle Databases 12c, 18c and 19c are part of the installation and can be used to monitor and manage the database. On-premises Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13c can also be used to manage the databases.

Also The Oracle OCI Compute service with an Oracle DB image does not include any cloud tooling.