Oracle Multitenant New Features – Oracle Database 20c….

Continuing the series , this post is about the new features of Oracle Multitenant introduced in database 20c. Namespace Integration with Database Database Nest is an infrastructure that provides operating system resource isolation and management, file system isolation, and secure computing for CDBs and PDBs. This infrastructure enables a database instance to run in a … [Read more…]

Understanding WHERE CURRENT OF….

While teaching today in the class, concept of WHERE CURRENT OF did come. Though I explained it in the session, I think it’s better to explain it with an(simple) example here. So here it goes. Whenever we process data, it’s always a good idea to have in the data set some column which will identify … [Read more…]

Automatic Storage Management(ASM) New Features – Oracle Database 20c….

As mentioned in this post, this post is about Automatic Storage Management(ASM) new features in Oracle Database 20c. File Group Templates With file group templates you can customize and set default file group properties for automatically created file groups, enabling you to customize file group properties that are inherited by a number of databases. Without file group templates, if … [Read more…]

VLAN, In A Nutshell….

I finished teaching Exadata Administration class yesterday. As like always, there were questions asked. Since Exadata is a mix of both database and network related stuff, there were few questions which needed some explanation of the topics related to network, OS etc. One of such out-of-the-way question was about Virtual Local Area Network(VLAN) tagging? I … [Read more…]