Migration Strategy: Selection Criteria….

The following are some of the important factors to consider while selecting a migration strategy of a database to Oracle cloud.


  • Data size: Your strategy will differ in case of multi-terabyte databases.
  • Application down time: An easier migration strategy may not provide the benefits of minimal outage. Depending on application importance, you may want to migrate with minimal down time.
  • Network bandwidth: Data transfer from on-premises to cloud is entirely dependent on the customer’s network bandwidth.
    • FastConnect: The unpredictable nature of the Internet affects migration to a cloud service. With FastConnect, you can create a high-speed, dedicated, and low-latency extension and thereby avail of a true hybrid cloud setup. It also offers better security than exchanging your data over the Internet.
  • Business criticality: For a TIER 1 database (critical databases with least acceptable downtime), the strategy will be first to migrate the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and pre-production environments, followed by production.
  • OS compatibility: Oracle Database Cloud provisions an Oracle Linux platform (little-endian) for you. Your source database OS and endianness will also help in finalizing a migration strategy.
  • Data complexity: Some migration methods have limitations on the type of data. You must consider this before finalizing the migration strategy.


We shall discuss some of the methods in the next blog post.