Better Late Than Never, Happy 2014….

So I am probably very late in saying this but better later than never, right? And since it is still January of 2014, I believe it is okay to wish everyone a very happy 2014 still :=) .

A very happy and prosperous 2014 to you, the reader! May god makes this year a really good one for you and fill it with just joys, happiness, success and good health for you and for all of yours nears and dears. I hope the year has started of well for you. If for some reason, you think it didn’t, don’t worry, it’s just the starting of the year and I am sure, as the time would move on, things are going to get better!

Oh and before you are going to ask why I got so late, I am doing many things(writing this post sitting at Yangon(Myanmar) when the delegates are doing their hands-on lab) and despite that I wanted to write about many things, I just either forgot or thought to do so later. Hopefully, I shall be more active over my blog this year-at least that’s what is the plan!