What Is Oracle ACE Program & What It Takes To Become ACE/ACED….

Some events are just so important that whenever you think about them, you feel happy, surprised at the same time. When you are awarded with an award that’s recognised on a global level so highly, it’s something that you cherish with every moment! That’s the same with me! I can’t say and express it in any better words than this that even today, I feel butterflies in my stomach when I see myself being a member of such exclusive and prestigious club! Yes, I am an Oracle ACE too and am so proud to be one! Thanks so much Oracle ACE program  for making me a part of this exclusive and so esteemed group!

From time to time, I get asked by many that how one can become either an Oracle ACE or Oracle ACE Director! Fortunately, now I can just point all those who are interested to hear a 3-part series of podcasts titled An Inside look at Oracle ACE program made by OTN ArchBeat in which Vikki Lira, Tim Hall, Debra Lilly and Alex Gorbachev are the panellists speakers. It’s a must-to-hear podcast series if you are thinking to become an Oracle ACE(or ACED) or are thinking to nominate someone else for the same!

In the last,  I shall refer you to read blog post by APC in which he talks about how to become an Oracle ACE. It says ALL what anyone needs to know about becoming an Oracle ACE!