Moving Large Data Sets to Oracle Cloud….

Regardless of how you load data into your databases, it is recommended to use a bulk data transfer mechanism to move data close to your OCI DB System instance before performing a data-loading operation. For smaller data sets, the data can easily be copied over the Internet. However, when the data set is large, this may not be feasible.

To accommodate these situations, you can use Oracle Public Cloud Data Transfer Services to physically send large data sets to Oracle Public Cloud.

  • Oracle sends a ZS4-4 Storage Appliance to your data center.
  • You install and configure the appliance into your environment and copy data to the appliance using NFS.
  • Before shipping the appliance back to Oracle, you remove and retain the encryption key from the appliance to ensure in-transit data security.
  • Oracle picks up the appliance and ships it back to the Oracle Public Cloud data center.
  • You transmit the appliance encryption key to Oracle by using a secure communication channel.
  • Oracle copies your data to an Oracle Storage Cloud Service container and provides you with logs to verify the data transfer.
  • You load the data into a OCI DB System database.

Also, Oracle scrubs the storage appliance to remove all traces of the data.

Note: For more information about using Oracle Public Cloud Data Transfer Services to move large data sets, refer to