Block Volume Service- Oracle Cloud Infrastructure….

To understand the service let’s begin by understanding what block volume is. Block volume is a type of data storage that is more expansive than file storage. It uses the iSCSI Ethernet protocol to deliver features and performance similar to on premises storage area networks or SANS and are designed for the security and durability of the data life cycle. Using this service you can create block volumes and attach them to your compute instance.

The Oracle cloud infrastructure block volumes service delivers a simple, scalable block volume service that fulfills all your work load performance needs. The service lets you dynamically provision and manage block storage volumes; you can create, attach, and create backups and move volumes as needed to meet your storage and application requirements.

After you are attached and connected to an instance you can use the volume like a regular hard drive. The service also let you store data on blocked volumes, manage block volumes, control your data and achieve the storage configuration your application requires.

Block volume service utilizes industry-leading highest performance NMVe drives and is offered over the network using standard iSCSI protocol.

Some of the typical scenarios for block volume service include:

Expanding an instance storage: Typically block volumes are used to increase an instance storage. Once any compute instance are launched, you can attach block volumes to the instance, increasing the instances storage capacity.

Persistent and durable storage: Block volumes can be detached from one instance and reattached to another without any loss of data. This data persistence allows the user to migrate the date between the instances safely, and also safely store it even when it is not attached to an instance.

Additionally, block volumes offer a high level of data durability compared to locally attached drives. All volumes are automatically replicated for you, helping to protect against data loss.

Instance Scaling: With new features like boot volume, the service allows to scale the instance CPUs keeping the data secure in the process. We will talk about it later in the lesson. One important thing to remember is that Block volume is associated always with an instance, therefore its always created with in an availability domain. That is why it’s an AD construct.