Data Migration Options for OCI….

There are two possible ways to migrate your data to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure- online and offline.

For online, based on your data volume, network bandwidth, and network reliability, use one of the following options to upload the backups to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Object Storage. 

  • Public internet Online OCI CLI, OCI API, OCI Console, rclone
  • IPSec VPN Online OCI CLI, OCI API, OCI Console, rclone
  • FastConnect Online OCI CLI, OCI API, OCI Console, rclone
  • Storage Gateway Sync cp/scp to NFS mount points

For offline, you can use either use Data Transfer Disk or Data Transfer Appliance. There are different benefits of using both of them.

Data Transfer Disk

  • Data Transfer Disk sends your data to an Oracle Data Transfer site .
  • Oracle will upload the data for you over fast network connections.
  • Data is wiped off the disks and shipped back after data is uploaded to Oracle cloud.

Data Transfer Appliance

  • You can rent a Data Transfer Appliance from Oracle to migrate PB scale datasets to Oracle cloud.
  • Each Transfer Appliance can migrate up to 150 TBs.
  • You can use multiple appliances to migrate large datasets.
  • Keep the Transfer Appliance onsite for up to 30 days.
  • DTA is available for use in US and European Union countries