Using iscsiadm Utility….

Open-iSCSI persistent configuration is implemented as a database, which consists of a hierarchy of files and directories in the /var/lib/iscsi/ directory:

# ls /var/lib/iscsi

ifaces isns nodes send_targets slp static

Use the iscsiadm utility to update, delete, insert, and query the persistent database. Also, use this utility to establish a session between a target and an initiator. Several different operational modes are available for the command.

  • discoverydb: Updates or queries the Open-iSCSI database records
  • discovery: Performs a discovery operation
  • node: Performs an operation on a portal (IP:port) on an iSCSI target
  • session: Performs an operation on a TCP connection between an initiator and a target
  • iface: Performs an operation on a network interface

Hope that helps.