A Tech-Day At Punjab-For The Very First Time….

There are many things which when get done, you feel really happy and more than being happy, you feel contended. I felt the same on this 31st August when for the very first time, an Oracle technologies related conference, finally got scheduled and successfully got completed within my state Punjab. This was a mammoth task since never before, such kind of event was organized before at Punjab. I want to express my gratitude to the team of Al India Oracel Users Group(http://wwwAIOUG.orag) – Murali Vallath, PS Janakiram and Satyendera Kumar for making it possible. Satyndera Kumar travelled all the way from Hyderabad to speak at the conference along with the other speakers – Rohan Walia, Jitendera Chittoda and Shekhar Gulati. I also presented two presentations of mine at the conference.

In addition to AIOUG, I also want to thanks a ton to Lovely Professional University and its entire staff, especially Mr Mandeep Singh and Mr Naveen Juneija for making this event possible. All the arrangements were of top-notch quality and also, we experienced a great interest and enthusiasm in LPU staff and in the attendees. There were about 450 attendees and out of them, those who were present in the main auditorium hall for the database track were about 300(others were listening to the Java track in a separate conference hall). It was a huge gathering and it was a really great experience for all of us who presented, to speak in front of such large number of people!

In conclusion, it was a fantastic experience, in every possible way! And I personally was very happy because I wanted it from a long long time that such kind of events must be happening at my own state as well. I am using Oracle database from quite some years now and despite that I always wished so much, I never witnessed any such kind of technical conferences being arranged ever! I hope and really wish that now, after the first step has been taken, the momentum would keep on going and even more bigger Oracle related conferences would be happening at Punjab in the future! Fingers are crossed, let’s see what happens!