OERR For Windows….

Oracle database’s documentation available at Tahiti is a really vast and impressive resource of knowledge. There is almost everything, that’s usable to a dba in his daily work, available over it and in a very elaborated manner. Out of all the books, one book, which I believe must have been accessed by many is the Error Message guide 🙂 . Now, it’s really quick and easy to navigate the error guide, search for the error number, it’s cause and then the action required to solve it from the online guide but at times, you don’t have the access to the online documentation. Okay, to be honest, that’s not a big deal still because you can download the documentation and can keep it with you. But still, doing that is again an additional task which, to be honest, some dba’s would care to do and some(most IMHO) won’t. That demands for something which should be able to give the error description without the usage of both online and offline documentation. Fortunately, there is a solution for almost everything when it comes to computers :-)  and for the mentioned trouble, Oracle supplies a utility OERR. This is an offline tool which can be used very easily to find the error description that you are getting. But there is just one trouble, this tool is NOT there for Windows, well it was till today 😉 .

My friend John Barrenechea has managed to put together the OERR for Windows and given the honor to me to use it before making it available to all. And I can say with full confidence that it works like a charm. I am honored that he has chosen me to make this tool available to Oracle community via my blog. So without further a due, here is the download link . There is a very elaborated readme file provided to explain the usage and  the mechanism used to create it. There are few features added, or you can say enhanced, in this version of OERR compared to it’s sibling available over Unix platforms. I encourage you all to download it, use and post the feedback of yours over here in the comments section and I shall pass them on to John. Happy troubleshooting 🙂 .

Update: There was a bug in the previous version of OERR found by John related to the prompt mode. It has been rectified and the new, updated version is available for download. Please check and post feedback.