Oracle Database 23ai Is Here….

It was a very very special day(actually night for me) yesterday when Larry(yes, Larry himself) and EVP Juan Loazia announced the latest version of Oracle database- Database 23ai. Yes, you heard it right!

If for some reason you missed watching the release live, here is the same on YT.

This is a completely new era of Oracle database I believe and it’s very exciting. Here are the official blog posts about it and also, about the examples and more information about it.

Now, it’s important to understand that even now, as of this blog’s publishing date i.e. 03-May-24, database 23ai is not yet out in on-prem release. It’s still available on OCI(not all regions yet, for example, Hyderabad for me still doesn’t show it), Exadata environments etc. You may want to check the blog post from Dominic Gilles mentioned above for complete info. So if you want to play with it, you can download and install the (updated) developer VM which contains the Free version. This Free version is for learning and development purpose ONLY. It’s not production ready. If you want to download the VM image, it’s available here,

I have installed it and it’s working absolutely fine.

As always, documentation is your friend. Also, Tim(Hall)’s excellent website is already having a huge number of articles for 23ai(renamed from 23c).

ORACLE-BASE – Oracle 23ai Articles

There are going to lots of new articles and blog posts coming up for database 23ai.

Hope this post gets you started well.