Migration Life Cycle of a Target Cloud Database: Analysis Phase….

In the next phase of migration, as an architect, you need to papidly analyze source and destination databases. Doing this, you would be able to identify and classify all objects. You will be able to identify installed options. If there are any complex objects and objects that require special handling, you should be able to identify them. Also, you will be able to identify areas where features can be used optimally, for example, compression and partitioning.

Additionally, you can also identify invalid objects.


Here is an example of the result of the analysis of a sample database for the installed components.

Identify the Installed components in the source database.

Example: Database Components

Oracle Database Catalog Views

Oracle Database Packages and Types

JServer JAVA Virtual Machine

Oracle XDK

Oracle Database Java Packages

OLAP Analytic Workspace

Oracle Real Application Clusters

Oracle XML Database

Oracle Workspace Manager

Oracle Text

Oracle Multimedia



Oracle Label Security

Oracle Database Vault