Let’s Give Encouragement….

I always encourage the delegates who attend my sessions to start participating in Oracle’s socialsphere as much as possible! Also I try to sort of “push” them for reading the blogs related to Oracle (database since I do only database) related technologies. Its always something new happening some where and someone always would note it and share it with the rest of the community via his/her blog. So blog is a great way to share knowledge, new ideas. So one of the delegates of my current session, Swati who works as a senior DBA has finally taken the first step and has set up her own blog. I shall be bookmarking it and following it because the most important thing for a writer is to get feedback and encouragement. So let’s give the same to Swati for her Oracle related blog and hopefully, we would be able to hear much more regarding her experiences and experiments with Oracle db.

Here is the blog address,