Using targetcli….

The targetcli utility is the administration shell for creating, editing, and viewing the configuration of the kernel’s target subsystem. Run targetcli to enter the configuration shell.

# targetcli

targetcli shell version 2.1.53

Copyright 2011-2013 by Datera, Inc and others.

For help on commands, type ‘help’.


Run the help command from the targetcli prompt to view the available commands.

/> help

The following are some of the available targetcli commands:

  • ls: View the object hierarchy.
  • cd: Traverse the object hierarchy.
  • create: Create storage objects, targets, LUNs, network portals, access control lists.
  • exit: Exit the targetcli shell and automatically save the configuration.

You can also enter targetcli <command> to run <command> without entering the shell.