A Small Note About DBCA….

I am asked couple of times by some delegates to write some short notes about couple of topics which they find hard(boring should be right word to use I guess) to read from official oracle documentation. There are couple of topics like these and I finally thought to give a try for one of those. I tried to write a small note about DBCA and some things about it which can be beneficial if one knows about them. Its not an internal note so don’t think it like that way. Its just to understand the tool, its usage and some things related to it. I have mentioned the version of the note as 0.1 as I shall keep on modifying it based on the feedback/corrections that I shall receive ( and the version count will change accordingly ) . I must say thanks to Girish Sharma, Amardeep Sidhu who gave couple of inputs about some points and they were certainly very good. Sidhu even helped me how to make up the pdf file( yes I didn’t know how to do so). Thanks a bunch guys!

So without further wait, download the note from here. Its for the first time that I have attempted to do anything like this so I am part excited , part worried . Anyways, have a happy read and don’t forget the feedback/corrections 🙂 .

1) Well, call it silly but today only I was told that the document is not formatted 🙁 . One of my friend looked at the document and that was the very first comment of him. Silly me! So now the document is formatted and the new copy is loaded.
2) Amit Bansal gave the feedback about formatting and also about the location of the data files being created using silent mode. According to the feedback, formatting is bit changed(improved I should say) and the note about datafile location is added. Thanks a bunch Amit, it was a really great feedback! Keep them coming 🙂 .