MySQL DB, Why It’s So Good….

I am going to start writing about MySQL database in the coming posts. A lot of time, this question comes up that what’s so good about MySQL database. So here are few points that make it so good.
1) Scalabality
MySQL Enterprise Thread Pool allows you to scale the performance of your application in the face of increasing user, query, and data loads
MySQL Enterprise High Availability
MySQL Enterprise High Availability enables you to meet the availability requirements of even the most demanding, mission-critical applications. MySQL Group Replication provides native high availability with built-in group membership management, data consistency guarantees, conflict detection and handling, node failure detection, and database failover–related operations, all without the need for manual intervention or custom tooling.
2) MySQL Security
Network Access Control: Restrict connections to your MySQL instances.
MySQL Enterprise Authentication: Authenticate MySQL users against your existing directory services and security rules.
MySQL Enterprise Audit: Generate a complete audit trail to track MySQL access and usage.
MySQL Enterprise Encryption: Protect sensitive data stored in MySQL databases, in backups, or during transfer.
MySQL Transparent Data Encryption (TDE): Protect data at rest and securely manage your encryption keys.
MySQL Enterprise Firewall: Ensure real-time protection against database-specific attacks.
3) Integration with Enterprise Manager Cloud Control(EMCC)
Using EMCC, it’s very easy to monitor and administer the MySQL databases.
4) Oracle Premier support for MySQL
Oracle’s premier support is backed by the MySQL developers. And it’s the largest engineering and support org for managing the development and support of the product.
In the next few posts, we shall start looking into the keyareas of MySQL database installation and administration. Stay tuned.