I Am Speaking At OTNYathra, Are You Joining Me….

So it’s year 2013 and I am very much honoured and privileged to be accepted as one of the speakers in the upcoming OTN Yathra(Yatra) that’s including some of the best and biggest names of the industry like Hans Forbrich, Murali Vallath, Harshad Oak, Lucas Jellama, Vivek Sharma and many more(see the complete list below)! This tour is sponsored by Oracle Technology Network and would be carried over in 6 cities of India, starting from Delhi, where I am scheduled to speak. This is a really big thing for me to share the stage with such distinguished and respected names! So do register, come and say hello! Hope to see you there!

For more information, check the following links,




The complete speaker listing is here,

Speaker                  Country

  • Hans Forbrich                  Canada
  • Vinay Agrawal                  India
  • Aman Sharma                  India
  • Lucas Jellema                 Netherlands
  • Satyendra Kumar            India
  • Raj Matamall                   USA
  • Harshad Oak                   India
  • Edward Roske                 USA
  • Vijay Seghal                    India
  • PS Janakiram                 India
  • Vivek Sharma                  India
  • Ganapthy Subramanian  India
  • Murali Vallath                   India

The event would be in these 6 cities,

  • Delhi           —- February 16 
  • Mumbai       —- February 18 
  • Pune            —- February 20 
  • Bangalore     —- February 22 
  • Hyderabad   —- February 25 
  • Chennai        —- February 27 

As almost all the major cities are covered, try not to miss the event and join wherever you can!