Oracle Machine Learning – Workspace & Projects….

In the Oracle Machine Learning environment, UI given to the data scientists, analysts is SQL Notebooks. Though SQL Notebooks are available to be shared among different users, there needs a requirement to organize them as well. For this purpose, OML has Workspaces and Projects. Let’s have a look at both in this post.


A project is what which shall contain all the SQL notebooks that you are going to create in the OML environment. Not only notebooks but other objects such as a dashboard etc. are also going to be the part of a project. One may own multiple projects and of course, within them, multiple notebooks as well. But when you log in to the OML environment, an initial project is automatically created for you. If you do have multiple projects created, the last project used by you is going to be stored in the browser’s cache and will be presented to you at the next login.


A workspace is the container of the projects. Just like you will get a default project, an initial workspace is created for you at the first time login to OML environment.

Let’s create a new project and workspace for us too. To do so, you need to be in the OML home page which is available through the service console menu of Autonomous DatawareHouse db.

Choose the option from the drop-down menu of creating a new project.


Now, we shall create a new project. We need to provide Name, optionally a comment about it and also the Workspace it will be contained.

Now, we shall create a new Workspace for this project.

We can see that we have both of our project and workspace and we can proceed.


Hope this post has helped in understanding in Workspace and Projects. In the next post we shall see the administration settings for the Workspace.