Oracle Backup & Recovery-Expert Secrets For Using RMAN & Data Pump, Avaialble Now….

Writing a book is a long, tiring and tough journey. The journey gets complete once you see that your work-the writing that you have spent so much and time effort upon, is now complete and is available for anyone. Three years ago, I was asked by my dear friend Kamran Agayev that whether I am interested to join him in writing a book. Though I was very reluctant but then finally, I decided to give it a go. We both spent more than a year writing our book. Fortunately, we also got two really good technical reviewers Sabdar Syed and Hemant K. Chitale. With their suggestions, comments and correction, Kamran and I,both tried to put in our best efforts and write a book which would prove to be useful to fellow Oracle database professionals.

I was asked by many people that when the book would be available. I am very very happy to announce today that finally, our book is out and is available on Amazon. Following is the link of it,

So go ahead and make it a part of book shelf and if you would, do let us know your thoughts about it.

PS:Kamran has already talked about it here.