Recovering The OCR When It Is On ASM….

A good question came just now in the session from a delegate when we were discussing the restore and recovery of the Oracle Cluster Registry(OCR) . Its a well documented thing how to do it when the OCR is placed on a normal, shared storage, for example like “/dev/sda” . The steps to do so are listed in the documentation. But those steps won’t be working(in the same manner) from 11.2 onwards when the OCR can be placed on ASM. The question was that when the complete disk group is gone which had the OCR stored over it, how it would be possible to do the restore of the OCR backup(still done automatically every 4 hours like the previous releases) since the ASM diskgroup needs to be there to do the restore. Well, that’s a good question and for it, there is a published note on My Oracle Support(MOS) as well which we found out. So in case you get into the same situation, refer to the MOS# 1062983.1 How to restore ASM based OCR after complete loss of the CRS diskgroup.

Learning never stops when it’s something like Oracle you are playing with, isn’t it 🙂 .