My First Brushup with APEX #JoelKallmanDay

It feels like years ago. Tom Kyte posted that there is this new tech which is solely working within the database and it could create applications like AskTOM. I am not a developer but I am game for anything db. This new tech was called HTMLDB at that time and I immediately gave it a go. Now, I am not a programmer and all I knew was Pl/SQL. So I just used it to make my personal website. And boy, did I want the same theme? I actually wrote an email to Tom that can I use the same theme of AskTom? He very kindly, replied and said, it’s a theme available in APEX and I very well can. It was superb to play with HTMLDB. Then I got chance to attend session from Raj Mattamal. He gave such fiery presentation on APEX.

I did watch videos of Joel and was fortunate to attend a session of his , again online. Lots of people don’t really value APEX as much as they should and as much as APEX is capable of. I couldn’t spend time on learning APEX properly. But I am gearing up for doing it now as I am planning to use it for an in-house(small) project.

It’s just so emotional to write about APEX today when both Tom Kyte and Joel Kallman are not around. Joel’s sudden demise came as a shock for not just me but for the entire Oracle community. When I posted my tweet, even my non-techie friends asked, was he a superstar of tech world and I replied with tears in the eyes, yes he was.

Thanks Joel, Tom, Tyler, Mike and all other people who made APEX and made it available to the world.