Want To Be A Good DBA?

Lot of times this question is asked that how one can be a good dba( I am looking forward to become one myself) and the answers are standard only like, train yourself constantly, look for new technologies and test/play with them, document your stuff, be proactive and so on. The answers  depend upon from person to person and the quality of them over the experience of the person. Here it doesn’t matter you are a dba of Oracle Database or DB2 or MSSQL or whatever. Pythian’s Keith talks about the same here.


Well there are tons of things that one should do in order to become/called a good dba but I would say that if you got a tag/job title or Database Admin, you need to make sure to do one thing, take your db’s backups constantly and test them out. If you won’t your company( or you even if you own it) will end up like this and there wont be any forgiveness from anyone. Have a read of this link from Keiths’s post,


Sad but nothing else would have been expected too.