Benefits of Using ExaCC….

Here are some benefits of using Exadata at Cloud at Customer.

Smart Analytics

  • Move queries to storage, not storage to queries
  • Automatically offload and parallelize queries across all storage servers
  • Extend In-Memory DB with flash
  • Run In-Memory DB on standby
  • 10x–100x faster analytics

Smart Storage

  • Hybrid Columnar Compression reduces space usage by 10x.
  • Database-aware Flash Caching gives speed of flash with capacity of disk.
  • Storage Indexes eliminate unnecessary I/O.

Smart OLTP

  • Special InfiniBand protocol enables 3x faster OLTP messaging.
  • Ultra-fast DB-optimized flash logging
  • Instant detection of node failure and I/O issues

Smart Consolidation

  • Critical DB messages jump to the head of the queue for ultra-fast latency.
  • CPU, I/O, network resources prioritized for end-to-end quality of service
  • 4x more databases vs. same hardware without Exadata software