OCI & Database Service….

OCI has a number of architectural design optimizations that are geared to run Oracle’s databases with unmatched scalability and reliability. For example, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is optimized for Oracle 18c, Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC), as well as deep integration with Oracle Engineered Systems such as Oracle Exadata.

Optimized to run Oracle databases, benchmarking results show Oracle databases run faster than others, so customers get data-driven results faster and at a lower cost with Oracle.

As a leader in data management and technology, innovations such as Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC), Exadata, and Active Data Guard (ADG) for Oracle DB deliver scale, availability, and reliability that are requirements for high-performance applications. These features aren’t available from our competition, where scaling up database CPUs requires down time and can interrupt business operations and, ultimately, the end-user experience.

OCI database service runs on top of OCI, which specializes in bare metal servers, off-box networking (which accommodates any workload, engineered system, VM, or bare metal host all on the same network) and high-speed storage.

OCI Robust Infrastructure

  • Three Availability Domains: Multi-region architecture, currently three with a fourth region being brought up
  • Fully redundant and nonblocking networking fabric accommodating up to 2 * 25 Gbe networking to the hosts
  • Three-way mirrored storage (optional two-way mirroring) for database systems. Disk management set up by OCI Database Service is according to best practices, so ASM comes pre-configured for each of the shapes.
  • Redundant InfiniBand fabric for cluster networking (Exadata, 2 Node, bare metal, RAC)

Robust Database Options

  • Database RAC Option for both VM and bare metal shapes
  • Automatic backups to object storage are set up for users when the database is started. Automated DataGuard configuration for both primary and standby system (available within the AD and across AD)

All the systems are created so that they follow the maximum availability architecture (MAA). This is considered a certified deployment.

Oracle offers all the flexibility of hosting your database on premises, with the benefits of powerful infrastructure options and simplified administration, all available by the hour.

Depending on your database needs, Oracle supports all of your enterprise applications with the highest availability and massive scalability.

  1. Basic Oracle Database with up to 52 OCPUs. This gives you the full performance and scale of today’s high CPU, high memory, and amazing NVMe SSDs.
  2. You can leverage Oracle RAC to provide local high availability and reduce your SLA to seconds.
  3. Finally, you can use Exadata to give you the highest performance and availability in the cloud.