OCFS2 Software….

OCFS2 software has a kernel component and a user-space component:

  • Kernel – The kernel component is bundled with the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel beginning with Oracle Linux 5. This component includes the core file system and the O2CB cluster stack.
  • User-space – The ocfs2-tools package provides the command-line interface utilities that are used to format, tune, mount, and check the file system. The graphical user interface (ocfs2console package) is no longer supported.

Use the dnf command to install the ocfs2-tools packages.

# dnf install ocfs2-tools

The following is a list of files included with the ocfs2-tools package:

# rpm –ql ocfs2-tools













List of files in the ocfs2-tools package (continued):







The package installs documentation in the /usr/share/doc/ocfs2-tools-<version> directory. Also, man pages are installed for many of the OCFS2 utilities.

The OCFS2 kernel modules included with the UEK kernel (version 4.14.35-1818.1.6.el7uek.x86_64) are:

# ls -R /lib/modules/4.14.35-1818.1.6.el7uek.x86_64/kernel/fs/ocfs2/ | grep .ko








Ideally, each node in the cluster is running the same version of the OCFS2 software and a compatible version of the Oracle Linux Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel. A cluster can run with mixed versions of OCFS2 and kernel, for example, when performing a rolling update of a cluster. The cluster node that is running the lowest version of the software determines the set of usable features.