Pi Day 2022 Is Almost Here….

Are you a developer? Are you the one who gets excited with the data? Do you like free stuff?

Guess what- 14th March will be your lucky day then. Why? Cos it’s the PiDay 2022.

Get your seat booked right now at PiDay 2022. You’ll receive a free swag kit by registering, and if you’re one of the first 500 to sign up for an OCI free tier account, you can score a bonus prize. Look for the confirmation email for more details.

See you there! Come hungry.

: what is it? Why should I care? Can analytics help us answer the question “Do developers like pie more than non-developers”?



Ok, we might not get to the bottom of that one, but Pi Day at Oracle 2022 will feature highly technical content and demos for developers looking to step up their game.