Flashback, Flashing Back A Table….

So we continue in this post talking about Flashback. In this post, we shall see what’s Flashback of a table is all about. With the Flashback of the table, even if the table is logically corrupted, we can recover the table using the Undo data.

To illustrate, let’s create a table and insert some data in the table.

Now, let’s query and change the data in the table.

So now we have done two changes. Let’s note the SCN and then delete the table.

So now, the table has not data in it. This delete is what we are considering as a Logical error. Let’s recover this by using the Flashback table command.

We can see that we need to enable the row movement before we could do the Flashback of the table to our desired SCN. Once done, we can see that Flashback is complete and we can also see, all the data has come back in the table.

Hope this helps.