A Big Change….

It’s been some time that I have updated my Oracle blog. The biggest reason for this absence was that I was struggling with the hosting provider of mine. I won’t get into this whether it was good or bad but let’s just say, I wasn’t happy with their services and more so, from their customer support. And I had decided to switch over to a new hosting provider. This new hosting service has better plans, offers a good customer support system and since I had my domain already with them, it was just a natural thing to move the entire site over there too. But there were two major obstacles. One, how to move the blog with it’s earlier content to the new provider and two, emails-what about them? So I asked my friend Sidhu to help me and we spent the entire Sunday to get done with these two tasks. Now, as you are able to read this blog, I have moved the website, blog and also the emails over to the new provider. Hopefully, I shall be now posting some short blog updates related to my learnings in Oracle database more often than before. I am still more active over the OTN Database General Questions forum. But I shall try to post anything that I think is interesting over here too.