Blog Hacked….

I couldn’t check my blog from last few weeks as there was a lot of other stuff going on. As I serve in the board of AIOUG and we had Sangam-2015 scheduled, there was just a lot of work and too many things were going on in parallel. So I couldn’t pay much attention to my blog. Now, since last two days, I have been getting messages from my friends i..e Suntrupth, Dawn, Navneet that there are some weird updates coming on my blog and Navneet even showed me those from his blog yesterday. Well, definitely things were not right and I have been working on getting things sorted out since last night. I have tried to clean up the blog, updated it and finally, writing this post to clarify and  apologize for any inconvenience caused by those stupid posts which were NOT written by me.  I believe I need to be more active here and definitely, that’s one of the resolutions for 2016 for me.

Hope things would remain in order now. Once again, sincere apologies to all! I am back and in-control now!