Oracle University Learning Streams, Learning Would Never Stop….

Oracle technologies is like an ocean and with the introduction to more and more features, it’s becoming hard for almost all to match the pace. Surely one can attend a course (or several courses) to learn about a new technology or to furnish his skills on an existing one but at times, even that is not enough. For example, it’s tough to keep a control on the quality of the training as one would only come to know about the instructor i.e. how good(or not-so-good) he/she is, how well suited is a particular course for someone’s requirements etc. etc. Also it happens that at times, a course that one wants to attend, it may not be happening at his location or at a nearby location. Oracle University has taken several initiatives to solve these issues. Besides the standard ILT(Instructor Lead Training), now there is also an LVC(Live Virtual Class) that one can attend or can purchase Self-Study CD-Roms. But even that is not some times appreciated much depending on person’s liking. Some people prefer to see someone actually talking, delivering the session , making diagrams on the whiteboard and showing them how to perform the lab sessions along with the assurance that he/she is a really very knowledgeable instructor. Also, at times, doing a course for just N days is not enough and one wants to keep on listening the instructor sessions again and again, at one’s own pace to understand things. Fortunately, this is also now possible with the introduction of TOD(Training On Demand) learning mode where one can subscribe to a course’s pre-recorded sessions and keep on watching them without limits till 3 months. What’s more that you also get a 6 day’s lab time, e-kits of the course and a course attendance certificate which is also valid for the certification. Cool isn’t it! But hang on, this is something that I have already blogged about here. So what’s new?

Well, the newest thing is Oracle University | Oracle Learning Streams.

Think about it, you do know what is Exadata, how to manage it, administer it and you have also attended the course which teaches you all the aspects about Exadata Administration as well. But what you are interested to know more about the best practices in performing the Backup and Recovery over Exadata or how the Parallelism in Oracle database works or the best practices in upgrading and patching of database etc.-topics which are more specific and are targeted towards many many different areas for a particular technology and  you want to learn them at your own pace! That’s what the newest edition in learning from Oracle University is-Oracle Learning Streams. For an annual subscription for your desired technology(currently available for Database and Middleware) , you would get access to hundreds of pre-recorded videos covering a huge list of topics. If you ask me, I am really excited and I shall be definitely subscribing to my area of interest-Database. What about you?