An Initiative-AIOUG North India Chapter….

At times, just a little idea and support can do just wonders for a very large community. And that’s the same happened this year when I was talking to Murali Vallath about the user-groups and participation of Oracle professionals in India in Oracle related events organized in India by All India Oracle Users Group(AIOUG) (formed and managed by Murali only). As India is such a large country, it’s not possible for everyone to come from they are residing or working for attending some Oracle conferences happening at a city very far from them. So Murali mentioned that how he started organizing a local user event at Charlotte with just very few people showing up for it initially. But with constant efforts, finally he was able to make the event a success and continued arranging it on Charlotte on monthly basis. And on the same thought, he suggested to start of a chapter representing North India and initiating an Oracle related event for it on monthly basis. That was just a superb idea and needless to say, I immediately started to work upon it and I called my friend Navneet to talk about the same.

Me and Navneet had few initial talks about the event, number of talks etc. Since he is based out of Chandigarh and it’s being the twin-capital for two states, Punjab and Haryana and even being very near by from Delhi, we decided to host the 1st ever meet-up at there. We decided for two talks, both given by us thinking that this should get the ball rolling. Navneet found a venue and also spread the news in his circle about the event. We decided to host the meet-up on monthly basis, on every last Saturday of the month from 10am onwards. The day is picked thinking that it’s going to be a weekend so it would be easy for most to attend the meet-up. So finally, we were all set for the event and eventually, the day of the event also did come up. Fortunately, we had a very good number of the attendees, even when it was just the 1st ever meet-up of it’s own kind at Chandigarh. We planned for about 3 hours for the talks but we ended up doing it for about 5 hours, thanks to the enthusiasm of the attendees. And not only this but we got really very positive feedback from the attendees and they were very excited already for  the next month’s meet-up-which would be now this month, April! Great isn’t it!

This month’s meet-up is scheduled for 26th April. For making sure that we have one stop-location for the latest updates, we have made(without any surprise), a Facebook page AIOUG-North-India-Chapter and you are most welcome to like it :=) .  We are also on Twitter. We shall be using these social sites for announcing updates related to the event and also about anything that’s worth sharing with the Oracle community.

Before I sum up this post, my heartiest thanks to Murali for giving his complete support and guidance for this initiative. Not only for this, he also helped so much to include Jallandhar this year as one of the venues for OTNYathra and even better, let that Yathra(journey) started from Jallandhar itself. Also, a big thanks to Navneet, Deepak, Gaurav for helping so much for the meet-up. Without their support, the meet-up wouldn’t had got such a great start.