Let’s Contribute….

I have just read this post from Doug Burns. Needless to say that I really did like the idea of John Scott about writing a collective book by the best experts of Application Express world and I shall do my bit by buying this one (and the first one also) for sure. Though I did “touch” APEX LONG back when it was still called HTMLDB to make my apex website and didn’t really use it afterwards. But I was planning to get started with it again and what can be more better if in doing so, I can contribute a little of my help to the families of Carl Backstorm and Scott Spadafore. So It’s just an echo to what Doug already has said that it’s a really great thing to do and I hope and wish, all who do anything related to APEX(or even not) will buy this book, not just for learning from the best guys of APEX world but to add to their bit of contribution for the families of both Carl and Scott. Hats off to John for this endeavor !