Want To Become Oracle Certified? Do It ASAP Because….

Oracle University has announced that they are going to increase the prices of their exams from March 1,2010! You can read the complete information from this post.

Well, this was about the announcement, now a little rant! I am not sure that whether this price hike is actually correct or not? If one looks at the prices of the courses, combines it with the logistic charges, add to it the prices of the exams, the sum total becomes sky high! And this is when the exam fee is still the same. So when the exam fee would be increased, I am not sure how many would be really interested to take up the exams since I hear all the time at the moment even that the prices are very high! Agreed that the price hike would vary from country to country(which I don’t understand why but that’s another rant to talk about I guess) still, it would effect in an overall manner a lot! Not sure what’s good is going to come out from this but I believe its going to demoralize those new aspirants who want to get certified! I just hope that it won’t happen because doesn’t matter what anyone would say, Oracle Certification program is still is the best way to learn and demonstrate one’s passion about learning Oracle! Okay rant over!!

If you want to get certified and are delaying it, probably the time has come that you speed up your preparation process and write the exams as soon as possible! And this makes me recall that I need to do the same as well 🙁 !