Yes , AristaDBA Is Yet Alive….

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I know I know, its been a very long time since I had written anything. I am not dead yet and I still work in the amazing world of Oracle database. I believe there is no excuse of not writing as it doesn’t take much time and whatever time a blog post would take, some […]

A Small Note About DBCA….

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I am asked couple of times by some delegates to write some short notes about couple of topics which they find hard(boring should be right word to use I guess) to read from official oracle documentation. There are couple of topics like these and I finally thought to give a try for one of those. […]

Library Cache, A Distant Look….

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In the last week, there were couple of questions targetting a similar topic, library cache. They were not really focussed about internals of the library cache but they were seeking clarification about the terminoligy that is used to interpret the output of the it. Seeing that and replied over the threads, I thought to put […]

Now You Can Contribute Too….

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Oracle Technology Network(OTN) has released the offer where both Oracle employees and OTN members can join forces and work on the sample projects, codes and other stuff. I guess that would be a cool idea though not sure that what kind of applications would be written and how the development will proceed? But nonetheless, this […]

Playing With Free Yum….

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I use Oracle Enterprise Linux at my home. Now there are lots of talks that one should use Centos as it does give away free patch updates even or one should actually go and buy Red Hat’s Enterprise Linux as its proven one but I guess, both the logics don’t serve very well for me. […]

Virtual Index, A New Learning….

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I always say that no one is perfect when it comes to a tech discussion. There is always a very fare chance that you may not be knowing something and/or have not seen/heard about it before. Almost everyday , you can learn some thing new. The same happened with me too today. While discussing about […]