Officially 11g Certified Today….

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I had taken my OCP New Features exam some time back.  I am not sure but now I guess, Oracle certification delivery team sends a mail to confirm the address before sending the actual certificate. Probably its to avoid the hassles that happen when they send and people argue that  they never received it , […]


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Change is always welcome. Its the sign that some thing is moving, some thing is getting improved. With change, there are always chances for new ideas to get born and groom. By constantly changing the way things are working, we always can make our work, life more better. To sum up, to grow, become more […]

Want To Be A Good DBA?

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Lot of times this question is asked that how one can be a good dba( I am looking forward to become one myself) and the answers are standard only like, train yourself constantly, look for new technologies and test/play with them, document your stuff, be proactive and so on. The answers  depend upon from person […]